The Carb Fear

Carbohydrates; I could list multiple definitions for you, the scientific breakdown, flow charts, pie graphs, you name it. But the one thing they will all tell you, is the carbohydrates are a majorly important fuel source for our lovely little bodies! Why oh why is everyone so afraid of carbs?! I hear people say that […]

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Top Five Protein Power Snacks

Protein. Protein. Protein It’s now what my days meal planning is pretty much based on! It is also super important to get enough protein in our daily food consumption, to allow ourselves to fuel our bodies, muscles to recover and reach our fitness/wellness goals! Each and every individual will vary on how much protein their […]

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Macros & Meal Prep

Macros You hear the word thrown around a lot these days, but what does it actually mean?? Well pretty’s, I am here to break it down, super simple style. Protein Fat Carbohydrates These three beautiful things are your macronutrients, super important to fuel your body to keep it running at its best potential all day […]

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Gym Phobia

We have all been there… One day we are super motivated, protein shake in one hand and our gym bag in the other! We find ourselves powering through our sweat sessions, with the personalised playlist on point and confidence sky rocketing. Feeling super good about ourselves, and we wonder why we ever stopped going to […]

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Self Care Tips

  It seems all too often we become swept up in life’s chaos, and forget to do that one simple action that our lives depend on….to simply breathe The concept of self care has grown massively this year, with a focus in ensuring we as humans, are activelyΒ  meeting our most basic needs. This ranges […]

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Giving up the Grog

At the beginning of 2017, the time where the years resolutions and direction are shaped & set, I had never thought of giving up alcohol. More often than not we hear of our fitness idols, that made that conscious decision to stay sober. Of course we adore and praise them for it, thinking how determined […]

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21.1kms, again.

Follow Up from post “Running a Half Marathon” You would think that once you accomplish a task you never thought you physically could, that would be you’d be well and truly done. Tick the box, I’m satisfied, what’s next? But after completing my first half marathon (Run Melbourne – July), with just 6 days off, […]

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