Choc Granola Crunch

I love granola, but it seems way too often these brekky options are packed with sugars and unnecessary sweets. So instead I made my own totally gluten free friendly granola all in the space of 15 minutes. This recipe is super quick to whip up, but be careful because you just may find yourself chowing […]

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Winter Spiced Quinoa Porridge

It’s winter here and Melbourne, and mornings are becoming harder and harder to remove myself from my bed. When it’s this dark and cold everyday, you really need something that’s going to warm your insides up and put that spring back into your step! So instead of another plain old oats recipe, I mixed things […]

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Matcha Mint Choc Stack

Matcha. The Green Tea powder you see in teas, lattes, smoothie bowls, raw cakes and bliss balls. I love stuff, and the health benefits are endless! What;s even better is that new health crazes bring matcha to the forefront of shopping lists, and when there’s fdemand, theres accessbility. So really, there’s no excuse not to […]

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Choc Honeycomb Power Stack

Choc Honeycomb protein pancakes anyone? These bad boys taste like a Crunchie bar in pancake form… need I say more! Saturday mornings are PT mornings. So I know that the session ahead of me is going to be challenging, both physically and mentally. With that being said, knowing I get to come home and chow […]

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Cookies n Cream Dream Stack

Cookie n Cream, in a pancake stack? Yep its been done, this stack is delicious & better yet,  still totally clean. So if you could just leave any guilt or shame at the door, that would be great. You heard right, the Essence of G kitchen turned a typical sugar filled dessert into one protein […]

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Easy Peasy Egg Cups

We all know that feeling of rushing out the door on a week day morning, getting into work to suddenly realize…….you forgot breakfast. Again. It seems all to often we are struggling to find time in the mornings, to prep and cook a hearty and wholesome breakfast to get our day started right. If this […]

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Nourish Me Smoothie Bowl

This little bowl is packed with all kinds of hidden nutrients and vitamins. Not to mention it tastes pretty damn delicious. Beetroot. Beetroot. Beetroot. If you told me to eat one, I’d scrunch up my nose like a 5 year old and turn the other way. But! Blending this vitamin C boosting vegetable is a […]

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