The Carb Fear

I could list multiple definitions for you, the scientific breakdown, flow charts, pie graphs, you name it. But the one thing they will all tell you, is the carbohydrates are a majorly important fuel source for our lovely little bodies!

Why oh why is everyone so afraid of carbs?!

I hear people say that even just hearing the word can make them gain weight, like come on Susan – get a hold of yourself and sit back down.

Our bodies use glucose (glycogen) for energy, glucose is sugar which is broken down from the carbohydrates that we eat.
Now we need this glucose to do our everyday activities and require even more so when we exercise. As soon as our bodies run out of glucose sourced from carbohydrates, it will turn to fat stores and then protein stores (amino acids) which will break down and deteriorate our muscle mass in order to keep our body going.

Now if you are like me, and find yourself building your strength every time you hit the gym, to tone up and get lean, you definitely do not want this occurring.

Not only will you hit the wall (fatigue) quicker, you will begin to put your body under stress, which can have all kinds of implications for your overall wellbeing.
Especially if we keep our bodies under stress for extended periods of time.

It’s often that when we think of carbs, our minds go straight to pizza, pasta, bread and sweet pastries. Of course these contain carbs, but they also contain high amounts of sugars and fats, and not the good fats either!

Have you ever thought of a Banana as a carb? An apple as a carb? Or carrots as a carb?

Believe it or not kidlets, vegetables and fruit are mainly carbohydrate based!

One medium banana is roughly 105 calories and 27grams of carbs, now pair this with peanut-butter for your protein and healthy fats, and you have a pre-workout snack on point!

Even more so I hear people that are so concerned with their potato intake too.
One medium sized baked potato totals to 110 calories, with 26 grams of carbohydrates, pair this with shredded chicken, avocado and cheese and you have a nutritious post workout meal!

I always urge those to take the time and do a little research.
It can be as easy as downloading an app that can breakdown your food intake for the day (My Fitness Pal is a legend for this). It is a great tool to allow yourself to be more aware of the foods that we so often mindlessly consume.

Whole foods should always be our first point of call when we prepare our meals. Ensure that each brekky, lunch snack and dinner is sourced from a nutrient rich, wholesome source – that often means wrapper free! 

I would like to know how you tackle food fads and misconceptions ?


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