Gym Phobia

We have all been there…

One day we are super motivated, protein shake in one hand and our gym bag in the other!
We find ourselves powering through our sweat sessions, with the personalised playlist on point and confidence sky rocketing.
Feeling super good about ourselves, and we wonder why we ever stopped going to the gym?

Then you find yourself having an “off” week, you’re not feeling like exercising and find a netflix and snack session much more appealing.
Which is totally fine, everyone needs a rest once and while.

But then, it seems the next day you scheduled to sweat up a storm, you feel way too tired, its been a stressful day and you want an early night. Totally okay.

And it seems time after time again, we find excuses not to go? As soon as we started feeling fit and healthy again?

Sound familiar right?
I have been on and off this train more times than I can count.
& really, I can only narrow it down to self sabotage. Totally annoying and totally my own fault. Not only do I not fully understand this pattern of behaviour, I also get so frustrated at falling into this cycle.

So! If this sounds like you, listen on up team! Because I have listed life hacks that will get your butt to the gym and feeling motivated and confident in the process.

Hack #1.Always pack a gym bag
I always, always, always pack a gym bag in my boot. Because I know after a day in the office I often try and find an excuse as to why I cannot possibly go to the gym. Even though I drive right on past it on my commute home.
Ensuring that you have the right gear, really there’s no excuse not go .
**Extra life hack** – Females! Always have a spare pack of hair ties in your bag.
Yup, I’ve even driven to gym, realized there’s no hair tie for me to use and gave up on my workout.

Hack #2. Customise a playlist on the day
If you head to the gym, either morning or night, be sure to have a fresh playlist ready to go!
Prepping your tunes before the gym can help get your mind set focused. It’s also a great way to get motivated, tuning into the songs you know will get you through any workout is a great way to start the day and set your intentions.

Hack #3. Think of the benefits
Both mentally and physically!
We all know the endless benefits of moving our bodies. Factors like increased endorphins, lowering blood pressure, weight loss, the list is pretty much endless.
But why not find something specific to you, that personally you benefit from when you hit the gym.
For me it’s not just fitness, its how mentally clear and calm I feel.
It’s all psychological, and I find I can get through my days, stick to my goals and set clear intentions with so much more ease.
Plus life just seems a whole lot brighter after a solid week at gym.

Hack #4. Create a routine.
Like I previously mentioned, I always pack a gym bag in my boot before leaving the house. This is all apart of my gym routine to keep me on track.
I also ensure I have my supplements and protein shake packed and ready to go first thing in the morning!
I’ve also found working out my brekkie based on the workouts I’ll be doing that evening are a great motivator.
For example:
Monday = Sprint Class (HIIT Cycle Class)
* So brekkie would be a big protein packed green smoothie
Tuesday = Weights
* so brekkie would involve a bowl of wholesome rolled oats with an abundance of goodies, including peanutbutter of course
Wednesday = Yoga Flow Class
* So brekkie would be a little lighter, gluten free granola with fresh berries and greek yoghurt

You get the idea!

I hope these little hacks help you get off your bum and into those nikes for a solid sweat sess this week.
We all want to feel good and we all want to feel healthy.
And surprise, surprise that feeling we want to obtain both starts and finishes with us.
So what are you waiting for?

I would love to get in touch and hear about your own fitness routines or motivators.

Never hesitate to shoot me a DM or drop a line via Instagram, happy sweat sessions lovelies. xx



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