Self Care Tips


It seems all too often we become swept up in life’s chaos, and forget to do that one simple action that our lives depend on….to simply breathe

The concept of self care has grown massively this year, with a focus in ensuring we as humans, are actively  meeting our most basic needs. This ranges from incorporating whole foods into our meals, giving ourselves time for relaxation techniques and daily mindfulness.

I couldn’t endorse this more!

Although the advancements of technology and scientific breakthroughs have been something to celebrate in the last few decades, it appears that more and more people are focusing their energy into climbing the never ending corporate ladder of big business.

I see this daily, with time and effort put into a company, that quite frankly is materialistically driven. It’s all about the money.  The profit. The end result.

But time and time again we know (and studies have shown) money plays a very small part in our happiness. There are many a factor that individuals value more so than just monetary endorsements.

So why do we focus so hard on this aspect of life?

It does not take much thought to know sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day is not healthy or natural for us. More or less so we are doing the task at hand for someone else’s end goal.

But the majority are swept up in accepting this lifestyle choice is the norm, and myself am no exception to this.

It’s a hard cycle to break, especially if you are still finding your feet and working towards your passions.  This is the place I am at currently and I find that incorporating self care rituals into my weekly routine not only gains peace of mind, it also allows clarity for the path I am wanting to walk down, and the path I currently am on.

Here’s 5 little tips to allow you to breathe, clarify your goals and treat your body:

Tip #1 Breathe.
Simple hey?
Yet when stressed, anxious or deep in thought we often forget to pay attention to our breath.
Take moment  to stop, allow yourself to take note of your current breathing, your jaw and any tension you hold.
Breathe in deeply through your nose, expand your tummy and then your chest, hold for five counts and release deeply through the mouth,
Repeat this practice 3 – 5 times throughout your day.
Simply notice the difference before and after each practice and take note of the below questions:
Is there less tension held in my body?
Is my jaw and forehead relaxed opposed to tight?
Can I seek clarity in my decisions for the day?
It’s  a handy little tip to utilize whenever you feel overwhelmed, defeated or stressed.

Tip #2 Drink Tea.
A cup of warming tea, whether it is caffeinated or herbal, can do wonders for our bodies.
Consuming a cup of tea or simply hot water, can warm up our tummy’s and digestive system before a meal. This allows our bodies to aid the stomach in the digestion of foods consumed.
It’s also a brilliant way to centre yourself, simply by focusing on the heat, the taste and the awakening and comforting sensation you feel while sipping on your cuppa.
Green Tea especially has endless benefits, including
– Quality source of antioxidants, these can reduce the formation of free radicals in our bodies and protect both cells and molecules from damage
– It can aid in the balance of cholesterol levels in the blood
– it also aids in regulating glucose levels, allowing for a slow rise in sugar levels from those suffering from diabetes
– Relaxation, green tea contains an amino acid Theanine which studies have shown to link this to providing our brains with a relaxing and tranquilizing sensation
– Skin Health, due to its anti – inflammatory agents, this cuppa can aid in the outcome of wrinkles and ageing, such agents also aid in digestion

Tip #3 Yoga.
We often forget how good and important it is to move our bodies, daily.
Yoga is a practice which I love for many reasons, firstly I do not feel as in tune, at peace or proud of my body and my mind as do when I finish a yoga class.
Secondly, it is for all ages at all levels of health – so no one should ever feel like they are not “good enough” to join in on a flow.  It’s your time, your movement and your pace, do what you can because each practice will be different, and acceptance of such is so important to embrace.
Thirdly, it’s been around for centuries upon centuries. The health benefits of such a practice allow us to align our chakras (energy points though out our bodies) to gain balance, aids in detoxification and digestion through flows, and builds strength whilst centring our mind and increasing relaxation.
Lastly, shavasana … you get to lie down and thank your body for all it’s done for you after your practice. What’s not to like!

Tip #4.Create.
I believe it is so important to put your energy into something that love, and scheduling time in your day to simply create can be extremely therapeutic. We can’t all be talented artists, working on our painting masterpieces, but we can create in very simple, every day ways to gain peace of mind
This can range from
– journaling future goals and intentions
– and it’s an excuse to buy a stationary… hello Typo!
– baking, cooking or preparing a meal
– refreshing a certain space that you reside in most days, either your workspace/desk or bedroom, kitchen etc.
– this method is great for mental clarity and detoxing the space that may become to feel tired and neglected
– updating your online platforms, or creating your own inspiration board

Tip #5. Meditate
We have all heard of the “Fight or Flight” mode our body can kick into when we are feeling stressed.
Now this response was great once upon a time when we relied on such to keep us alive. Survival was priority.
In todays modern world, we aren’t walking around fearing wild animals and dramatic weather changes that threaten our livelihood. However, when we do feel stressed, whether at work, at home, driving or simply food shopping (trolley rage), our bodies will not discriminate against the situation and kick into this mode, again and again, over and over.
This is detrimental to our current health as it is continually putting our bodies under pressure, raising our blood pressure levels and contributing to todays chronic diseases.
Meditation is one of the most therapeutic and calming methods to counteract this.
The health benefits are endless, and all you need is 15 minutes a day to switch off, turn in and allow your body to heal and regenerate.
I still struggle to meditate on my own some days, so if I cannot get to a yoga or balance class, I rely on apps to get me through.
I highly rate “One Giant Mind” found on the app store. Its a gem of an app and each meditation teaches you something new with a different focus on each session.

I hope the above has given you a little insight into how simple it can be to treat yourself to some self love, that we all deserve.

I would love to hear how you all take time in your day or throughout your week, to focus on you, your body and your mind.

What routine or techniques do you use?



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