Mr Bunny Caramel Cups

Sweet salted caramel and  home made dark chocolate are a winning combo in my books.

This little dessert is super simple and quick to whip up!

Vegan friendly and less than eight ingrediants, there is really no reason not to impress your friends and family with these cups of joy this Easter Season.

Makes 9 Serves

What You Need
Choc Cups
1 Cup Coconot Oil
2 Tb Cacao Powder
2 Tb Cocoa Powder
2 Tb 100% Maple Syrup
2 tsp Maca Powder

Salted Caramel Filling
1 Cup Pitted Dates
1/4 Cup Tahini
1/4 Warm Water

What You Do
In a small saucepan, place you coconut oil, cocoa, cacao, Maca and Maple Syrup over a low heat
Stir through untill all ingrediants are smooth and silky and remove from the stove
Grease your mould of choice with coconut oil to avoid the chocolate sticking
** I used a mini cupcake tin!
Pour in the base of your cups with a portion of your chocolate mixture, around 1/2 a cm in thickness for each base
Place the tray in the freexer to help the chocolate set

In a food processor place in your dates, tahini and warm water
Blend on high until your caramel becomes thick and smooth in consistnecy
Keep in midn this make take a few go’s of stopping, scrapping down the sides and starting again
Take out your chocolate bases and spoon a small portion of caramel into each
Simply reheat your chocolate mixture over the stove until it becomes runny, pour over the caramel mixture of each cup
Bang your tray down to ensure the chocolate covers the entire caramel filling and a smooth even top

Place in freezer to set for roughly 10 minutes

Serve with the additonal Caramel Filling or spread this delicious caramel on your homemade “Happy Hot Cross Buns” !


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