Nourish Me Smoothie Bowl

This little bowl is packed with all kinds of hidden nutrients and vitamins. Not to mention it tastes pretty damn delicious.

Beetroot. Beetroot. Beetroot. If you told me to eat one, I’d scrunch up my nose like a 5 year old and turn the other way.
Blending this vitamin C boosting vegetable is a perfect way to get your daily intake.
Not only does it count for 11 percent of your vitamin C intake, it’s also a  fantastic source of  folate (which we need for the formation of our red and white blood cells) and manganese (perfect for helping us absorb calcium and creating essential enzymes for building our bones).
How could you say no to that?

To mix up your weekly breakfast or lunch, with a jampacked bowl of nutrients, see the below recipe and you’ll be slurping this down in no time!

What You Need.
2 – 3 Baby beetroot
2 Carrots freshly juiced
2 frozen Bananas
Handful of Frozen or Fresh Berries
1/2 scop vanilla Protein Powder
Dash of Nut Mylk (I opted for Almond)

What You Do.
Firstly juice up your carrots.
Then the simplest of all instructions, pop the ingredients into your blend and blend on high for 2 minutes.
Scrape down the sides and stir if need be, the frozen bananas may need a bit of help to blend.
Pour your lovely mixture into a bowl or jar and top with your favourites!

pictured above is:
Buckinis,shredded  coconut, pepita seeds, raspberries, almonds.

I’d love to know how you guys went with this one if you’re brave enough to give it a crack!
Its super delicious and super refreshing, you’ll be able to buzz about your day bursting with energy after this one :).



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