Giving up the Grog

At the beginning of 2017, the time where the years resolutions and direction are shaped & set, I had never thought of giving up alcohol.

More often than not we hear of our fitness idols, that made that conscious decision to stay sober. Of course we adore and praise them for it, thinking how determined and dedicated they are to their bodies and health. All whilst we find ourselves hanging for that espresso martini or glass of red come Friday.

Red wine has grown on me, more than I would like to admit. But I love the idea of a good red, both in summer and winter! Or on any occasion really!
I’d always be down for a drink.

However, my body seems to be telling me something opposite to my mind-set.
I have never been so ill from alcohol in the past few months, than I have since the beginning of my drinking at age 18 (or…maybe a little earlier).

It came as a blantantly rude shock, leaving me super confused and really concerned whilst hunched over that toilet (No thanks).
The side effects are ones I hadn’t encountered before, and the severity of them came as an alarming wake up call. Of course there was severe nausea (got to the point of my stomach lining), but also severe dizzines and disorientation, I struggled to stay standing,  rejection of any fluid or food for up to 16 hours after drinking, super dehydrated and quite frankly requesting death so I could gain peace. No, really.

I came to despise myself not only during these moments, but well after.
Something just clicked, for once it hit me like a tonne of bricks.
I could not believe  I had allowed myself to treat my body in such a negligent way.
We only have the one body to last us, and we should be counting our blessings for the fact we are lucky enough to even have one to begin with.

I made a vow (and I’m sure most of us have said this before) to never put myself, or my body in this position again.

It seemed so silly, for my own personal reasons.

I spend hours food shopping, recipe researching, meal prepping and exercising – why put my body through such irrelevant hardships after all the effort I had put into it, to have it  run at it’s best capacity. It made no sense.

It only took a few fun facts from my nutritional diploma to make this vow stick.

Turn away now, you have been warned.

Fun Fact one.
Alcohol has the ability to kill both brain cells and liver cells. Liver cells can be replaced depending on level of consumption – brain cells cannot.

Fun Fact two.
Alcohol is one greedy little substance once it enters your body. Liver cells are forced to metablise alcohol opposed to it’s main priority of metablising fatty acids for fuel. This means these fatty acids accumulate, based on consumption, this can lead to the development of a fatty liver. Fatty livers cannot exercise their basic function, leading to loss of nutrients & deficiancys of vitamins and nutrients will develop.

Fun Fact three.
When alcohol first travels to the brain it sedates the frontal loabe – where all our judgement and reasoning occurs, pretty much diffuses these cells and leads to all our bad decisions.
It then affects our speech, our motor control and
in large enough quantities, knocks us clean unconscious. You know why? Because our body cannot physically handle any more.
If any excess consumption occurs, we DIE. No joke. Alcohol can anthesisie our brain and heart, causing death.

Fun Fact four.
Metabolically, alcohol is almost as efficient as fat is in contributing to obesity, actually each ounce of alcohol represents about a half-ounce of fat. So if loosing weight is the goal, I’d put that wine glass right back down buddy.

Fun Fact five.
Excessive alcohol consumption leads to, and increases risks of:
Arthirtis due to inflammation
Cancer in the liver + pancreas + lungs + mouth + rectum and breast
Kidney Diesase
Infertility(in women = menstrual disorders, in men = supresses testosterone).

These were enough to hit home for me and reinforce the decision I had made, to honor & not poison my own body that is, quite frankly, incredibly amazing.
It allows me to live, breathe, move and connect. Safe to say it took me 23 years, but I am so grateful for the body I’ve been given.

There will be times where a glass of bubbles or a shiraz will be called for, I have no doubt, but my new motto just may be “one and done” from here on out!

I would love to know if anyone has had a similiar experience, where that light bulb moment occurred and they’ve made a conscious change?
Share your stories, I would love to know about the sober, health driven community both via WordPress and Instagram.
Never hesitate to shout out. xx


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