Quick Cleanse Juice

Recently, December has gotten the better of my body.
It’s a busy period both work wise and socially, and I’m finding myself often too run down to go to the gym. & when I do i find myself worse for wear the next day.


I’ve turned December into an almost “rest month” with food as my medicine. Nothing but superfood veggies, plenty of spices and a whole lot of fluids to get myself through.

And that is the reasoning behind this gem of a juice that will aid your body in digestion and detoxification.
Not to mention it’s pretty damn delicious!

What You Need.

6 Sticks of Celery

3 Chopped Oranges

2 – 3 tsp of freshly grated ginger

1 – 2 Lemons juiced

2 tsp Tumeric

What You Do.

In a blender, pop in your ingrediants and add a dash of cold water.
Blend on high until well combined.
Be sure to note that the juice will be quite thick in consistency and pack a punch of flavour.
Feel free to dilute with water when pouring out your portions.
Makes approximately 4 servings, diluted.

Serve ice cold with a celery stick and enjoy! xx


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