Thai Tofu Wraps

We all know that Sunday struggle where we ask ourselves the question….what am I going to eat for lunch this week??

We’ve  all been there.
When cooking up your meal prep for the week, it’s easy to go back to what is quick and simple. We often find ourselves repeating the same meals, so there is no surprise when lunch time rolls around we aren’t jumping out of our seats in excitement.

Let’s fix that!

This little recipe is quite quick and super delicious, even for none tofu lovers.
Often I find myself eating chicken or tuna, day in and day out. So a quick shop to grab some tofu was ideal this week.
Note that you can buy tofu pre marinated and cut, so for those who are after convienvce or new to the food source, this is a super good option.

Makes 4 individual servings.
What You Need.
4 White or Wholemeal Pita Breads (Small)
Kaleslaw mix (from your local supermarket OR whip up a batch yourself)
– involves shredded Beetroot, Carrot, Cabbage, Lettece and Celerey.
3 Raddishes (Small), thinly sliced
Handful of fresh Coriander
200g of Tofu
– I purchased premarinated Thai Style by “Macro”.
Sesame Seeds to garnish

What You Do.
Firstly prepare your wraps.
Plae at the base of each wrap a small handful of your kale slaw mix, and top with thinly sliced raddishes.
Finley chop up your coriander and sprinkle ove each wrap filling.
Set aside.
In a small frypan, melt down a spoon of coconut oil or a squeeze of olive oil.
Lightly fry up the tofu until it browns on each side.
Slice up into thin slices and place atop your wraps, and sprinkle over sesame seeds.
Garnish with additional coriander.

Chow down while your tofu is still hot!


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