Fe Raw Ros

I seriously feel that there is a very, very small portion of people on this earth who do not love Ferraro Rochers….#weridos.

But goods news for the rest of us “hazelnut loving folk” – because I have conjured up the raw versions, and dare I say they taste delicous!

These little guys are choc loaded, sweet and nutty – perfect for an after dinner snack without the guilt. Everybody wins!
Makes Approx 12.
What You Need.
1 heaped cup Hazelnuts
1/2 cup Hazlenuts (smashed or chopped finely for coating)
Approx 12 whole Hazlenuts (for your centre)1/4 cup Pure Maple Syrup (and a dash more!)
4 heaped Tbs. Cacao Powder
A dash of Almond Milk (or nut milk of choice) to blend.

What You Do.
The reason I love bliss balls like this one is because they are so, so quick!
Place ingrediants into a food processor and blend on high, be sure to stop and scrap down the sides as you go.
Add in additional almond milk if needed.
Your mixture should reach quite a thick and sticky consistency, perfect for rolling!
Smash up  your set aside hazelnuts into fine pieces – this will be your coating for each ball. Just like the real thing… mouth watering yet?
Using a teaspoon portion out your mixture. Before rolling into shape, grab a whole hazelnut and place in the middle.
Roll your mixture into a ball and coat with the smashed hazelnuts. Repeat.
Place your raw gems into a container or tin and freeze until it’s dessert time!


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