21.1kms, again.

Follow Up from post “Running a Half Marathon”

You would think that once you accomplish a task you never thought you physically could, that would be you’d be well and truly done.
Tick the box, I’m satisfied, what’s next?

But after completing my first half marathon (Run Melbourne – July), with just 6 days off, I found myself out on the track revving myself up for another one come October.

I can’t express the feelings and thoughts that went through my head on race day. I was nervous, anxious and  doubts of being able to do this started to creep in.

I had trained my body since January from complete scratch.  I’d never run before, if anything I was super proud if I got two cycle classes in a week!

And here I finally was, after all those training runs, whether that be treadmill or track. I was finally here, on race day, with 21.1kms ahead of me.

And I was shaking.

Luckily enough for me, I had an amazing support group.
As we stood there, 6am, in the frosty winter air in the middle of Fed Square I honestly hadn’t felt such strong nerves in such a long time.
It took one look to see their smiling faces, and hear their supportive words to have my nerves melt away.
I can totally do this.

Running with thousands of people through the streets of Melbourne at dawn was breathtaking.  That’s one memory that will stay with for a long, long time to come.

I had 3 goals going into race day.
1. Finish = Check!
2. Do not stop running = Check!
3. Complete it in 2 hours. = Almost check!

My overall time was 2 hours 8 minutes.

I honestly think that was my drive to do it all over again. I had set 3 goals and I wanted to achieve them all.
I was stoked with my first race day performance, but I knew with more training, getting under two hours was well achievable.
So 6 days later, I set off again!

Never had I thought having a goal like this could drive me to my fitness breaking point, and then push onwards and upwards from there.

No training run seems to be easy now.
The distance I can do.
Keeping to goal speed is the challenge now.

And with less than 7 weeks until Race Day, its all pedal to the metal my friends.



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