Savoury Snacks 

Here’s some epic snack ideas to get you out of that 3pm slump! Due to my work week schedule I don’t have any time to gym in the morning, so protein and healthy fat packed snacks are my go to for a late afternoon pick me up!

I’m keeping to whole foods, and avoiding as many overly processed and packaged foods as possible at the moment. With another half marathon fast approaching I’m wanting to fuel my body with the best of the best!

So here’s how I load up on a simple VitaWheat base!


Light Philadelphia cream cheese

Smoked Salmon

Chia seeds

Crushed Walnuts

Light Philadelphia cream cheese

Sliced Avocado




Light Philadelphia cream cheese

Freshly chopped strawberries


Dessicated Coconut
These are super simple and super quick to whip up in the office come 3pm! The flavour combos are endless, so put down that Mars bar and bite into something healthy, wholesome and delicious instead!


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