Choc Matcha Mint Cups

Matcha ( [mat.tca] ) is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.

Makes approx. 12 cups

Essence of  G is pumping out the matcha recipes this weekend. Purely because it has endless health benefits and is perfect for hot teas, smoothies and desserts.

Just like this one!

What You Need.

Chocolate Cups
2 blocks of 75% Dark Chocolate
2 Tbs Coconut Oil
2 generous squirts of pure Maple Syrup

Matcha Mint Filling
2 tsp Matcha Powder
1/2 cup Cashews
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
2 tsp Peppermint Essence
Dash of Almond Milk

What You  Do.
Pre-grease a cupcake tin with coconut oil and set aside.
Break up the two blocks of dark chocolate and melt down.
Stir through coconut oil and maple syrup until well combined.
Spoon out a small amount of chocolate mixture, enough to cover the base of each cupcake mould.
Put in freezer to set and ensure the remaining chocolate mixture stays warm.
In a food processor blend cashews, coconut oil, peppermint essence and matcha powder, slowly add in almond milk as needed until mixture becomes smooth.
Check on your chocolate bases, and if set, take out and scoop a small portion of your matcha mixture into each mold.
With the remaining chocolate, fill up the cupcake mould and place back into freezer to set.

And there you go! Super quick, super simple and super delicious!

The perfect healthy and refreshingly minty dessert to indulge in no matter the occasion. 


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