Hello Mexico 

If you are lacking some serious lunch inspo, Essence of G has you covered.

I love mexican, and whilst working in the city, it’s sometimes too hard to resist opting for a lunch out some days.

So instead of spending my dollars, I thought i’d save them and create my very own healthy & vegan lunch bowl, mexico style!
Its quicker and cheaper  than you think, all ingrediants range from 1 to 4 whole dollars from your local super market, you can’t lose on this one.

What You Need.
Lemon Juice
Sea Salt

The Rest.
can of beans (kidney, black eye or red)
1/3 can of chickpeas
1 large white onion
1/2 can corn kernals
1 tomato, chopped finely
1/4 cucumber, chopped finely
Kaleslaw or Coleslaw (local supermarket should have these already portioned and packaged out for you)

Brown rice to serve

What You Do.
Firstly the rice, if you are usng a rice cooker be sure to have this going before you start the cooking process. If you decide to use individual steam cups of rice, this can wait until the end.
In a blender portion out your chickpeas.
Add in a dash of lemon juice and water, sprinkle in seat salt and morroccan spice.
Blend on high until well combined and set aside.
Heat a medium sized pan with a dollop of coconut oil.
Chop up your onion and place in pan until it begins to caramalize. Add in garlic and paprika.
Add in your portion of beans and heat through. Whilst your mixture is browning on the pan, chop up your tomato and cucumber, set aside in a seperate bowl and season with salt and pepper.
Scoop out the bean/onion mixture and set to the side.
Reheat your pan and pour in corn kernals. Heat through until they begin to brown.
Scoop out and set aside.
Now the fun part! Assembling the bowl!
Use your rice as a base and build from there.
Finish with a dollop of your home made hummus and enjoy!


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