Avo & Fetta Buckwheat Pasta


This little gem of a recipe is super quick to whip up, and perfect when you want a good hearty meal!

I made up this simplistic pasta dish after a 17km run. Perfect for a serious protein and good fat hit.
Safe to say I had to restrain myself from eating the whole batch!

What You Need.
1 packet of buckwheat spiral pasta
1 generous handful of spinach leaves
1 Avocado
50gm of Danish Fetta, arounda quarter of the packet
1 large chicken fillet (left over roast chicken is perfect for this!)
Olive oil – optional

What You Do.
Slice chicken into strips and cook in coconut oil in a pan.
Let cool and shred with a fork.
Place the chicken to the side, we won’t need this until the end!
Bring a small saucepan to the boil and add in pasta.
Chop avocado and danish fetta into large chunks.
Once the pasta has been cooked through, drain and stir through avocado and fetta until creamy on a low heat.
Add in your handful of spinach leaves and chicken and stir.
Dish up and add cracked pepper and parmesan to taste!


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