Raspberry & Apple Crumble



Perfect for breakfast and for dessert!
Multipurpose recipes are always a winner in my book, especially this one.
An Essence of G original recipe and I’m oh so happy of how this little gem had turned out.
So if you’re feeling like something hearty and warming on a cold winters day, this is a must go to!
5 Sliced and diced Apples
2 cups of raspberries
1 individual packet of Sultanas

What To Do.

Heat a pan with a dollop of coconut oil and place on medium heat.
Gently sauté apples until softened.
Place into a oven proof dish spread evenly with raspberries and sultanas

2 cups desiccated coconut
1 Tsp. brown sugar
1 cup LSA mix
2 tsp vanilla essence
3 tsp cinnamon
Sprinkle of nut meg
1 squeeze of honey

What to Do.
Dice and chop up the apples.
Feel free to leave skin on or peel, its up to individual taste.
Place chopped apples, raspberries and sultanas in a heat proof oven dish and leave to the side.
In a medium sized bowl place brown sugar, coconut, nutmeg, cinnamon and LSA meal.
Stir through until well combined.
Slowly add in coconut oil and honey, crumbing the mixture with your fingers.
Once you reach a crumble like texture, sprinkle over the fruit evenly.
Place your dish into a an oven at 150 Celsius for 45 minutes, or until golden brown.
Take out, let cool for 5 and enjoy!
Perfect with ice-cream, whipped cream & if you are looking for a vegan alternative topping – blend 2 -3 frozen bananas with a drop of vanilla essence to create a creamy sweet vegan ice-cream!


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