Bali, Seminyak

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to jet set off to the wonderful land of Bali, filled with beautiful rice fields, stunning beaches and dense jungle.
It took us by great surprise to see how in tune they were with the modern day vegan/vegetarian life style. Every unique place we chowed down at, seriously gave Melbourne a run for its money.
Which was so ideal for us, not only did we walk, took part in yoga classes (I’ll explain more in depth below) and swam, it was nice to know every meal was fuelling our bodies. Even the indulgences of Vegan ice-cream cold be served in a cone, ice cold and guilt free. Please and Thankyou.

The venture began in Seminyak and the first accommodation took our breath away.
New Pondok Sara Villas was such a beautiful and peaceful place to stay. A solid 20 – 25 minute walk to the main strip of Seminyak.
As we checked in, were walked down a pretty little garden path to our brightly painted private villa door, inside a private pool, stunning outdoor bathroom and air con’d bedroom greeted you.
Safe to say we had to pinch ourselves!
Our second accomadation was spent at The Royal Beach Hotel (owned by the Sofitel). It was a splurge on our end to really stay some were luxe just for our reaminig two nights before heading off to Ubud. It was $$$ but the set upby the bach, the gym, pools and buffet breakfast were all worth it! if you want to indulge in Bali, this is the place to do it.
Majority of time spent in Seminyak was exploring our surroundings. That meant finding the best Beauty Spas, Shopping and the good Eats.



Nalu Bowls – These guys had partnered up with The Shelter Café, which was perfect. Nalu was nestled off a side street in a shack style décor underneath the Shelter Café. Below you created your own breakky smoothie bowl, you then made your way up some narrow colourful stairs to reach the roof of the Shelter Café. Plants hanging from every part of the roof, a cool breeze and fresh coconuts for 24 Aussie cents, safe to say we were in love.
The food and iced coffees were incredible, especially post yoga session. A must too for breakfast, brunch or lunch!
Café Organic –
If their Instagram isn’t motivating you to get your butt over to Bali, hopefully this review helps. Perfect iced and hot coffee, matcha pancakes, smoothie bowls, fresh D.I.Y fruit salad and a tonne more. Often we found ourselves sitting there stuck with all the choices in front of us! This place was situated right out the front of The W Hotel and super easy to get too.
Zulu –
We were lucky to have this gem of a café only 2 – 3 blocks away from our first accommodation. They supplied heaps of organic and vegan friendly treats and snacks. Including all the nut butters and spices under the sun, raw desserts and freshly made to order juices. It was definitely our go to for a mid afternoon pick me up!
Earth Café –
If you have ever been to Veggie Bar, you would love this joint. Only you’ll be more blown away because they seriously take it up a notch. We were so lucky to say we never sat down to a bad meal in Bali, especially here. Everything was so fresh and full of flavour. Their dragon bowls, raw burritos and even simple sides of sweet potato fries or seasonal greens were oh so satisfying.
Sea Circus –
This place is bright, it’s colourful, and the staff get to wear the coolest aprons. That aside though they definitely deliver on the goods! On our hour treck back to our Villa one arvo, we stopped for a refresh “Granny Smith” juice and iced tea, practically salivating on all the food coming out!
Motel Mexicola –
This place was gorgeous. We came across it on a side street by complete accident, went inside for a look and booked a table for dinner on the spot! The service was incredibly quick and super attentive. The food – the best Mexican I have had to date. Everything was full of flavour, came out piping hot and really outdid our expectations. Not to mention the over the top colourful décor and night lighting draped over the entire middle of the restaurant was gorgeous, especially that the middle dining area was open in the night sky. A must if you are a Mexican fanatic.
We thought we would venture out a bit a try Japanese one night. The restaurant (like majority around Seminyak) looked like something out of South Bank or Crown, so it definitely caught our attention. Once again the food and the freshness of all the dishes could not be faulted. We chose a table out the back under the stars, which was beautiful and peaceful from the hustle of the main street. We were spoilt for choice for food and drink, I would go back in a heart beat!
Chandi –
On one of last nights of our stay in Seminyak we really wanted to try more authentic Balinese, and lucky for us we found the place to do it! The Chandi had a beautiful setup, really warming and welcoming. The staff were on point and the food made us do that “Emma Stone face from Easy A and the Lobster Shack”. Literally.
The Spicy Coconut –
We discovered this little joint making our way back from La Laguna! Turns out they had just started up, but the food was insane. We dropped in for a quick lunch, and they certainly can reach next level when it came to Veggie Burgers and Smoothie Bowls. The owner was so lovely and brought such a positive vibe to the little café! Definitely worth a visit or an Instagram stalk/follow!!




Besides the eats, we discovered two of the many Yoga Studies situated in Seminyak.
The first was Seminyak Yoga Shala which had a lovely little shop at the base and a small intimate studio at the top. We attended the 4pm session that day. Safe to say the American female instructor taught us more in that hour and a half than all my classes combined back home. She was constantly making her way around the class, adjusting your posture with explanation to deepen your understanding. However, be warned, there was no Air Con, No open Windows, only frosted glass facing the sun glare. It turned into a natural form of bikram! Take it from me, wear long leggings and bring a towel. It was hard to stay graceful and keep a straight face whilst slipping mid pose!

The second yoga studio was situated at Prana Spa Bali. Learning from our last experience we attended a 7.30am morning class. It was nice to see such a contrast between instructors, the man who took this class was Balinese, super impressive and again super informative. He brought humour to the class which made the mood lift and relax, but most of all made it enjoyable.
It was set up in one of the “towers” of the spa, which has open Arabic inspired windows, so a fresh breeze often came through which was a nice treat.



To be honest, Ubud, the second leg of our trip, is where we learnt most about the culture, the food and the traditions.
However, we took advantage of our location in Seminyak and travelled down the coast to watch the incredible Kecak Sunset Dance at Uluwatu. We had a wonderful driver who helped us with tickets, the sarongs, golden sashes and warning us of the local monkies. The whole evening was gorgeous, the back drop of the clear ocean and temple upon a cliff is a scene you think you’d only ever see on a postcard. The dancers, and 70 men chanting throughout was a sight to see. A must to do in Bali.



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