Running a Half Marathon

21.1km to be exact.

I’m not a runner.
I’m not overly enthusiastic about cardio.
My knees are constantly back and forth with recovery.
& I’m only just hitting the week four bench mark of 6km.

So why do it then?

As cliche’ as it sounds, 2016 is year I will stop saying no to the things that intimidate me, that “weren’t apart of my plan”, that 99% chance I would have said no to.

And when the offer for the half marathon came about, I found myself saying yes before I could give it a second thought.
Before it sunk in how far 21.1km is, how dedicated I would have to be to my training, and how much I realized that …… I really, really wanted to do this.

Last year, I could not picture myself coming home from work, tired, hungry and moody and STILL putting on my runners, going out onto the local track, in the rain, and sticking to my program. No stops, until my target distance was reached.

I have doubts. What if I don’t make it the whole way? What if my music stops, or my headphones break? What happens if I fall, or twist an ankle?
I’ve even doubted the running gear I’d wear on the day, and whether that would throw me off! How silly.

Every run I picture myself at that starting line and it gives me chills. But I also picture myself crossing over that final line and the faces that will be there to greet me.

That thought right there, that’s the one that pushes me through.

I don’t believe this experience is directly focused on the 21.1kms.

It’s stepping outside my comfort zone. It’s pushing my fitness to a level I didn’t think possible. It’s proving how amazing a change in positive mindset can be and what can come from it.

We’ve always been told how powerful our minds can be, how a happy and healthy perspective of all things in our lives can benefit us.

And it’s so silly that it has taken me until 22, out on that running track, reaching my targets, for me to realize this.

Push yourself. say yes and take a leap, you’ll thank yourself in the long run. Literally.




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