Tofu To Go


Sunday = meal prep!

And each Sunday is worth starting the week with something new, so for me it’s cooking my own tofu.

Now a year or so ago I would have looked extremely uncomfortable if you told me Tofu was on my menu,
It is however a great source of calcium, protein and iron, so really we are all winners here!

Below is a stock standard lunch bowl that includes all the good with none of the artificial nasties.
What’s great about this concept is that you can chop and change ingredients without effecting the overall recipe, swapping in veggies and changing sauces makes for a new meal every time!

What you need..

+Brown rice, Quinoa or rice noodles
+ Greens such as Bok Choy, Spinach, Kale, Asparagus or Broccoli ( the list goes on..)
+ Some form of protein, be that chicken or tofu (my quick and easy  “go to’s” )
+ A source, because why not! Satay, tamari, honey soy, curry paste mix, it’s really whatever your palette prefers

** Portions for each individual will vary, along with whether it’s a solo meal or you are entertaining 10! So if you always end up with more, you have dinner/lunch organized for another day!

Process (the stock standard style)

For me, i’ll cook all ingredients, bar the grains, in the one wok or frypan. It allows each of the flavours to be picked up by the next ingredient,which makes sure there’s no flavour left behind!
+ Marinade tofu in sauce of choice, for me its usually honey soy garlic. You can marinade for as long or as short as you wish, setting aside this mix for a  few hours however, is a good guideline.
+ Organise your grains before starting the greens, whether that be utilizing the rice cooker or simply using some boiling water for your rice noodles. Once under control move on to step 2.
+Stirfry the greens in a teaspoon of coconut or grape seed oil, once cooked through set aside in a bowl and sprinkle sea salt and a dash of lime or lemon juice for an extra kick.
+ Scoop out the marinaded tofu and place in frypan, cook until slightly crispy on each side.

In a standard eating bowl, scoop in your grains, greens and tofu, sprinkle with seasome seeds and a dash of lemon/lime hice and there you have it!

You can create so many variations with this lunch bowl, so please do!

Enjoy xx


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