The Glitz and Glamour of Sweat

I don’t look good at the gym.

I don’t wear makeup, so my blemishes and breakouts get to say a big hello to the public.
I sweat, I go red in the face and my hair is pretty much in any position I can put it in without it falling onto my face, let’s face it, I’m far from looking my best.
And it took me a long, long time to leave the house like this.
Insecurities got the best of me, those judgemental little voices in my head stopped me going out unless I had some sort of concealer, mascara or cream to cover up my natural skin. Which, when I think about it is so, so silly. Nobody had told me I couldn’t leave the house unless I applied those products, sure social media, early high school years and every magazine to hit the shelves put those “perfection” pressures on me, but not one single voice dictated what I should look like. It was something I conjured up in my head because I bought into the fake ideal of beauty.
I will admit how silly I felt rocking up to exercise with even the smallest amount of makeup on my face, the moment I would wipe off my sweat, there it all went, staring back at me on my towel.

It’s funny to scroll through my Instagram feed and constantly see models, in workout gear looking incredible. I always seem to catch myself thinking ‘why can’t I look that good when working out?’, then reality strikes and it dawns on me. I don’t have a lighting crew, a perfectly positioned fan, a hair and makeup team and a professional photographer to capture my glorious sweaty moments. As beautiful and fit as these girls are, it’s always important to remember what is actually going on behind the scenes, and if that doesn’t convince you, have you ever seen anyone at your gym look that good whilst working out. I didn’t think so.

Everyone needs to start somewhere, whether their insecurities are at an all time high, or low. I still see women rocking up to gym with a full face of make up, and you know what? I don’t judge them, I don’t want to. If that is something that they do to walk into a group fitness class or the main area with confidence, then so be it. Good on them in fact, because they’ve made a choice to look after their fitness, despite what products are on or not on their skin.

To be honest, (now) I love that free feeling of not worrying about what’s on my skin, or how my hair looks. To just focus on my workout, reach my PB’s and let the sweat flow. It’s almost cleansing.

So hats off to our imperfections, our stretchmarks and not quite yet toned arms! We are at the right place for making the changes we want, we strive to be our own kind of perfect, not societies version, and it’s a damn good feeling.


3 Replies to “The Glitz and Glamour of Sweat”

  1. Yeah, you nailed it! We are too concerned with what we look like on the outside. One can even be fit and toned, yet be dying on the inside. It’s what we can’t see that is the most important.

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  2. PREACH!!! You are so right about all of this. When you wrote, “I don’t have a lighting crew, a perfectly positioned fan, a hair and makeup team and a professional photographer to capture my glorious sweaty moments…” I was like this is exactly what I forget too! All I see is the beautifully photoshopped pic and immediately my self esteem goes down for a sec. Which is silly when you actually think about how much work goes in to making a pic appear perfect. Thanks for this post- it really resonated with me!


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