Well Hello over there!

fuel your body.     nourish your soul.    feed your mind.


We all want to feel good about ourselves.
So why not start with changing what we put on the end of our fork?
Essence of G is all about real food, simple recipes and improving your body’s ability to thrive.
Every single day.
We all have the same 24 hours.
My intention is to help you harness your full potential, by fuelling your body with wholesome, quality food that will leave you glowing and energized.



I aim to educate, encourage and empower each individual to take charge of their health, wellness and overall wellbeing, to lead their very best life.
We often find barriers, excuses and any reason to not take care of ourselves. Whether its time contraints, busy work loads or responsibilties.
I am here to tell you, it is your duty to put yourself first, to treat your body, soul and mind with as much care as you care for others.
It’s time to take ownership of your own journey and it all start with the decisions you make and the food on your plate.